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How to use the the photo-archive

Click on „image search“ and chose e.g „frog“.  All pictures including the word „frog“ will appear. Feel free to browse around in our photo-archive.

In order to download photos in high quality there are 2 ways to do so:

  • get registered as a recurrent customer
  • buy photos directly and pay via PayPal


Get registered

Registered customers have the opportunity to download non-binding selections of photos in high quality to experiment in their layout. Downloading will be free of charge, even in printing quality. Payment will not be due unless the photo is published. The honorarium depends upon the use of the photo, its size and plating.

For publishing companies general honorariums as usual in your house are accepted.

Or let us know what you’re planning to do and we will most certainly find an agreement.

Two steps to get registered:

  • Give us a short email – notice to naturfoto.hecker@t-online.de subject matter „request for free admission to photo archive“ and we will open an account for you at no cost.
  • Now you’re free to register yourself in our photo-archive: Click on the photo you’ve chosen, insert your email-adress and any password you like. From now on you may download photos at any time and amount just by logging in with your password.


Buy photos directly

  • Select a photo and chose „+cart“ or „add to cart„.
  • Enter your desired use: your country, picture-size and plating. The program will automatically bill the honorarium.
  • If you agree, you will be passed through to PayPal.
  • Download your selected pictures in printing quality.

Any questions or problems occuring? Please do not hesitate to  contact us.