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The following terms and conditions are based upon the recommendations of the German Association „Bundesverband der Pressebild-Agenturen und Bildarchive (BVPA)“  and are accepted by the order or download of our pictures.

Provided pictures always remain our property and are only made available temporarily in terms of copyright. The user has to specify the intended use by ordering, though at the latest before making use of the pictures.

For any use of our pictures a charge is to be paid. The honorarium is to be agreed upon before usage. Honorariums depend upon the use of the pictures, their size and plating. Honorariums are only valid for the singular and specified use, the specified extent and the declared language area. For any further use a new charge has to be paid.

Exclusive rights or blocking periods must be agreed upon seperately.

For any unauthorized (without our agreement) use, reproduction or transfer of our pictures, a contractual penalty to the amount of the threefold of the common honorarium is payable in every particular case.

Referring to § 13 of the german „UrhG“ we explicitly demand a notation of copyright in such a way that without any doubt every single picture can be related to our copyright. In case of  neglect damage compensation in kind of 100% addition to the standard honorarium will be due.

Corresponding to § 25 of the german „VerlagsG“ one complete exemplar of any publication in print has to be sent to us unrequested and free of charge.

Invoices are always payable net within 30 days.

If any appointment of these terms and conditions should be void, the validity of the other conditions will therefrom be unaffected.

Place of fulfillment and place of jurisdiction is our seat of residence.