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Feeding birds – species appropriate & sustainable

We have been feeding birds on our property for many years now – this helps the birds enormously and offers us great opportunities for observation and photography. Over the years we have tried and discarded a lot and finally learned what birds really love and what is good for them. Our new book „Meine Vogel – Snackbar“ has now been published and we are really happy to have the chance of sharing our experiences in the from of a book.

You can find in our book

  • lots of step-by-step introductions – from fat balls, dumpling swings out of branches and cup cakes to frost-free drinking troughs
  • everything guaranteed tested and approved by birds
  • who likes what? How you can attract a vide variety of birds trough varied feeding and different feeding devices
  • fatty, soft and grain food – what birds really love and what is good for them
  • sustainable birdseed without palm oil and plastic nets
  • creative upcycling ideas
  • birdseed without cheap fillers that would become leftovers anyway
  • wild seed that you can collect by yourself
  • which fat you can feed with a clear conscience
  • checklist: What do to to prevent your aviary from becoming a source of infection
  • recommended by NABU!

link to the book (in German only)

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