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Making tea out of wild fruit

September is a great month to take a walk, gather some wild fruit and prepare  a vitamin-packed tea out of them.

For our tea we collected elder, blackthorn, hawthorn, dog-rose and apples. Just choose what you like and find, as long as it’s eatable! But watch out: blackthorn fruit will taste awful unless they’ve had some frost – so you may want to put them into your freezer over night. Dog-rose fruit taste better if you open them up and remove the seeds which are a bit bitter.

Got some spare time and the wheather is beautiful? Why not cook your tea on an open fire? Especially your kids will love it, promise!

If you would like to see some more pictures please have a look at our galery: click!

Need more infos or our recipe? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Have a sunny autumn full of wild fruit!

Yours Katrin & Frank Hecker

 Korb mit heimischen Früchten, Wildfrüchte, Weißdorn (Crataegus), Hagebutten (Rosa), Schlehe (Prunus spinosa), Hopfen (Humulus lupulus), Vogelbeere, Eberesche (Sorbus aucuparia), Ernte (Frank Hecker)  Schwarzer Holunder, Kind erntet reife Holunderbeeren, Fliederbeeren, Sambucus nigra, Common Elder, Elderberry, Sureau commun, Sureau noir (Frank Hecker)  
 Holunderpunsch, Fliederbeer-Punsch, Fliederbeersaft, Holundersaft, reife Holunderbeeren in einem Topf, in dem sie zu Saft gekocht werden sollen, zusammen mit Apfel, Apfelscheiben, Äpfeln, Schwarzer Holunder, Fliederbeere, Sambucus nigra, Common Elder, Elderberry, Sureau commun, Sureau noir (Frank Hecker)  Hunds-Rose, Hundsrose, Heckenrose, Rose, Früchte, Hagebutte, Hagebutten, Rosa canina. Common Briar, Dog Rose (Frank Hecker)  Früchtetee, Tee, Punsch, Früchtepunsch aus Holunderbeeren, Fliederbeeren, Hagebutten, Himbeeren, Schwarzer Holunder, Apfelschalen, Eberesche, Vogelbeeren, Schlehen wird in einem Topf über einem offenen Lagerfeuer gekocht, Outdoor (Frank Hecker)


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